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TKMC advises most demanding companies in identifying leaders who are ready for change. We know that a carefully selected team of employees is a condition of company’s success and is required to strengthen its competitive advantage. We help our clients to increase effectiveness and profitability by supporting them in recruitment processes. We recruit candidates for permanent or contract-based specialist and managerial positions, from mid-level managers on up to chief executive officers in an organisation.

We do not offer any ready-made answers. We treat each challenge that our client faces individually. Therefore we offer unconventional solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of your company.

We talk, ask questions and listen to what our clients have to say. We gather sector and project experience. We can correctly identify needs and create real value. We can keep an eye for details without losing sight of the priorities.

Time efficiency

Straight to the point. You save your time wasted reviewing hundreds of job undesirable applications and save your energy to interview the best candidates available on the market recommended by us on an ongoing basis. Your chances considerably increase since we also organise meetings with candidates who are not active job seekers.


We are not backed up by any global brand or international contracts, but competences only. Meeting your expectations is our primary objective. Using our broad experience, we commence each project by gaining a full understanding of the nature of our client’s business, analysing the organisational context and conducting an in-depth research of client’s expectations.


We focus on professionalism and a coherent code of ethics, which builds trust between us and our clients as well as between us and the candidates. We comply with the duty of confidentiality and personal data protection rules with the highest level of diligence.

“It is an art to give an organisation the required agility in the game with competitors.
The feeling of being in control, comfort and peace of mind of our clients define our mission.”


Calculators and tables are not the most important tools for us, but we’d rather have an attentive look and use our ability to listen and draw conclusions. We understand priorities, respect facts and care for our clients by making close contacts.
We support our clients in attaining their goals and assist them in maximising the value of their business every day. We are here for you.

Tomasz Kosnik

Tomasz Kośnik

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

mob: +48 697 550 987
email: tomasz.kosnik@tkmc.pl

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Maciej Chomicki

“Find solutions where others see problems.”

mob: +48 530 858 321
email: maciej.chomicki@tkmc.pl

LinkedIn Golden Line
Maciej Chomicki

Our clients


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Excellent understanding of the market, high degree flexibility in the implementation of the projects entrusted to us, tailor-made solutions and the guarantee that we offer for our services, eliminates all the risks.

Well-elaborated methods

At TKMC we are continuously monitoring the availability of candidates on the market and using comparative scales, we evaluate candidates not just for their experience and qualifications, but also on their ability to integrate in the organisational culture of the client. A TKMC’s partner is engaged in all the projects until their completion.

Direct & Executive Search

We recruit candidates for permanent or contract-based specialist and managerial positions, from mid-level managers on up to chief executive officers in an organisation. 80% of all candidates recommended by TKMC are sourced directly from competitors or related businesses. We reach the best candidates who are not always active job seekers.
Additionally, in order to fully understand the professional history, achievements and past experiences of a candidate, we review his or her references and make them available to our client on request.


We successfully complete 7 out of 10 commenced recruitment processes.
In the remaining three cases, when we know that this time we cannot offer you any added value exceeding the existing market standard, we will tell you about it.
You have a partner in us. See it for yourself.

“While project performance is a market standard
the TKMC’s standard is to exceed its clients’ expectations.”


Higher - poziome


In order to create the labour market in Poland and in Europe we are searching for individuals who are open to learning and consistent in action. Find us and get us interested in you. We promote personality. Share with us your best ideas and initiatives. TKMC is a springboard for success.