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About us

We help you with achieving your goals and assist you with maximizing the value of your business every day by developing a close relationship.
We are here for you.

Tomasz Kośnik Tomasz Kośnik
Tomasz Kośnik Partner
Maciej Chomicki Maciej Chomicki
Maciej Chomicki Partner
Monika Sowa Monika Sowa
Monika Sowa Partner

How we work

TKMC specializes in recruiting specialists and mangers based on the direct search approach and a wide network of recommendations. Thanks to that, you get access to best candidates who are not actively searching for a job.
We advise our clients at each stage of co-operation, meeting their actual needs and offering alternative solutions.

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  • Throughout analysis of needs
  • Preparation of the optimum search strategy
  • TKMC–candidate meetings and formulating recommendations
  • Client–candidate meetings, feedback 360˚
  • Submission of a job offer to the shortlisted candidate and execution of an employment contract
  • Client–candidate relationship


We offer a unique system for recruiting high-class specialists and managers from mid-level to senior posts, based on a specialized term of consultants focused on particular market sectors.

Usługi Profesjonalne

Usługi Profesjonalne

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Sektor TSL (Transport, Spedycja, Logistyka)

TSL (Transport, Spedycja, Logistyka)

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Badania behawioralne i kognitywne

Badania behawioralne i kognitywne

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We ourselves work in a good team environment, with commitment and mutual respect, which both supports individual growth and promotes a good work-life balance. We are fond of exchanging ideas and constructive discussions.


TKMC has been in operation as an executive search recruitment agency for more than three years since being founded in 2015.

Market sectors

Professional Services


We are trusted by over 70 local and global businesses.

Of all projects have been successfully completed

We successfully complete projects both for clients and candidates, based on the guiding win-win principle.

Of all candidates

Recommended by TKMC work in the companies we place them with for more than one year.


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Łączymy doskonałą znajomość wybranych branż/stanowisk z najlepszymi praktykami rekrutacyjnymi


Pracujemy z wybranymi Klientami w bliskim, codziennym kontakcie


Zawsze dbamy o prestiż i renomę Klienta (employer branding)


Działamy sprawnie, skutecznie i metodycznie


Szanujemy czas Klientów, prezentując jedynie sprawdzonych i wyselekcjonowanych Kandydatów


Regularnie, na każdym etapie procesu rekrutacji przekazujemy feedback Klientowi i Kandydatom