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Cognitive and personality testing
Cognitive and personality testing

TKMC uses innovative tools, which introduce a new standard in employment, carrieer development and human resource management.

Well-performed cognitive and personality tests enable the employer to make the optimal decision about who to employ for a given position and the candidate to obtain feedback so that he/she can make an accurate self-assessment to foster awareness of his/her competencies and build his/her carrier using their particular strengths.

These integrated tools enable the identification of most talented key employees and make it possible to recognise their talents and ambitions as well as their preferred working environment.

The key benefits of cognitive and personality testing include:

  • the ability to predict performance outcomes and fields of career success;
  • talent diagnoses and motivation assessments;
  • online access from anywhere in the world and guaranteed security and confidentiality;
  • available in numerous language versions, which facilitates the introducing of a consistent assessment standard in international organisations;
  • the short test completion time (approximately 20 minutes) enables a better and quicker understanding of the assessment result, which takes much longer when other methods are used.
Cognitive and personality testing